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Posting flyers on the Mid-America Regional Website

The following are the what’s and how’s of getting a flyer on the Mid-America Regional Website. These guidelines have been developed because of problems that have occurred in the past. If you follow these directions, it will be easier to get your flyers posted and there will be fewer mistakes.


The Mid-America Regional web servants

  1. All flyers must have the following information:
    1. event name
    2. event date and time
    3. event place, including city, and street address. In the event that there is no street address (campouts frequently don’t) a location name that can be found on a map.
    4. A contact person with a phone number

2. Flyers can come to the web servant in the following formats:

a. Microsoft Word

b. Microsoft Excel

c. Microsoft Publisher

d. Adobe PageMaker

e. Adobe In Design

f. Adobe Acrobat

g. A JPEG file

h. A BMP file

i. Any of the Microsoft Works programs

  • Flyers must be under 1 megabyte in size. This is so that those folks who don’t have high speed internet can still get the flyers. Larger than 1 megabyte takes too long to download and open for people with dial-up internet. We want to make it easy for anyone who wants this information to get it.
  1. Remember, all flyers will end up on the web as PDF documents. They can either come to the web servant as a PDF or he or she will convert them himself or herself and then post them.
  2. Please try to get the information in your flyers correct the first time. We try to get all flyers posted within 12 hours of the time they are sent. When flyers come with bad information, it is likely that someone will print it off and try to use it. Double and triple check to make sure that the information that you send is correct! This is important – when addicts are given bad information and they act upon it, it is more likely that they won’t come back and people die as a result. No information is better than bad information!
  3. Any flyer that doesn’t follow the preceding guidelines will be sent back to the maker for updating/correcting.
  4. If you have any questions regarding the posting of flyers, please contact the web servants at the following address: info@marscna.net

Thanks again,

The Mid-America Regional web servants